My Future: My Life - What do I need to know?

By this stage you probably have a fair idea about what My Future: My Life is and whether you are eligible.  If you are confident about what it is and that you meet all the eligibility criteria, working out whether you want to apply for one-off assistance through My Future: My Life is the next step.

Firstly, it is important you know that applying for support through My Future: My Life is not compulsory.  If you are confident about your plans around transitioning from school to life after school, and you do not require any specific resources, or you have sourced resource support elsewhere you may not wish to apply; it is your choice.

If you’re considering applying, you need to know that you are required to consider and explore all other existing State and Federally funded supports, and community supports prior to submitting an application through My Future: My Life.  In the application process you’ll be asked to declare you have done this.

If you’re in school, and meet the eligibility criteria you can apply to access funding up to $1000 in year 11 and $2000 in year 12, or $2000 if you meet the rural or remote eligibility criteria to help you pursue the vision and goals you have outlined in your Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan (or equivalent).

All resources requested must have a direct and tangible link to your goals for life after school that you have identified and captured in your SET Plan (or equivalent).  This available financial assistance is for the purchase of resources and cannot be made as a cash payment to you or your family.

My Future: My Life does not dictate what you can or should apply for; what you choose to seek funding assistance for is up to you and should be guided by our vision and goals for life after school.  There are a small number of items which cannot be purchased with funding through My Future: My Life.

The My Future: My Life assessors will process complete applications in the order they are received and we can only process complete applications.  A complete application is an application which demonstrates all eligibility criteria are met and includes all relevant supporting documentation.

Once we have determined eligibility criteria are met we then assess the application.  This is where we determine whether your SET Plan (or equivalent) clearly captures your vision and goals for life after school; we look at whether your SET Plan tells us what you are doing at school aligns with your stated vision and goals, and finally whether there is a direct and tangible link between the resource/s requested and your vision and goals.

If your SET Plan does not clearly capture your vision and specific goals for life after school, or show a direct and tangible link you may need to consider whether your Resource Request is appropriate for the goals you have identified, or whether your SET Plan (or equivalent), in its current form really reflects your vision and goals for life after school.  If your SET Plan doesn’t accurately reflect your aspirations and unique goals you should contact your school and request a review of your SET Plan.

Resource Request

The Resource Request component of your application must clearly show the following:

  • What the resource is you are requesting
  • Who your preferred provider is
  • Your preferred providers details including contact name, address, phone number and ABN
  • The cost of the resource being requested.

You will also be required to attach a quote to your application form.  The quote must identify you the applicant (student) by name, show the trading name of the provider, their contact details, and their ABN number.  All quotes must identify GST and freight costs if applicable.

Your application can only be considered in the year the application is made, and for resources to be utilised in that year.  Requests for retrospective payments cannot be considered.

If you submit an application which is deemed incomplete we will notify you and identify the specific area/s of your application where additional or clarifying information is required.  It is important to note that My Future: My Life cannot fund any ongoing cost associated with a resource obtained through the strategy e.g. monthly membership fees, download costs etc.

Funding for the My Future: My Life strategy is limited, the submission of a complete application does not guarantee funding will be available to you, nor does it constitute a commitment to fund in subsequent years should funding not be available in the year of your application.  The number of applications funded will depend on how many complete applications are received per year and the amount of funding available.

You need to know that any information you provide to Centacare through the My Future: My Life strategy will be treated with complete confidence.  We are required to report to the Department of Communities on the administration of this strategy, in doing this we provide de-identified statistical information only.  For further information about what we do with the information you provide us click here.

For a detailed breakdown of what is required for an application and how to submit it click here.  If you have any questions about the My Future: My Life strategy, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab or What is My Future: My Life? tab at the top of this page.  If this doesn’t help clarify things, or you require more information you can phone the My Future: My Life team on 1300 697 526.

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