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Comments from My Future: My Life Recipients


Thank you to My Future: My Life program from Centacare, for your very generous support and financial assistance for my daughter. She currently attends High School and is in year 11. She is a bright, intelligent and ambitious girl who despite having physical and psychological disabilities wants to achieve great things in her life.

Being granted $1000 from My Future: My Life for tutoring is such an amazing and rewarding gift!

We cannot thank you enough. Best wishes and hugs to you all.

Julie (parent)

testimonial-F I just wanted to thank you and all staff involved in My Future: My Life for taking the time to assess Jack’s application and, of course, for approving it the resources will really help him with his goal to get into university. It is often quite confusing for many of us (parents and teachers alike) to complete such applications but we found the advice and support given from the website and your team helped us greatly.

Philippa (parent)

testimonial-EI really want to thank you and let you know what a difference it has made to our whole family. Coby is passionate about Computers and Gaming and seems to have a natural gift in IT.
The first time we applied for the grant was for a computer to allow him to get into programming and game design; the second was for a Cert III in IT which he is presently working on. It has made such a difference in his life, he feels like he has a goal now and a way of reaching that goal. He has started a website with two other young people from overseas and they are working on gaming mods and developing a phone app.
Sonja (parent)

testimonial-DWith the help of My Future: My Life, I’ve recently received funding for some new tools to help me. I know year 12 is going to be even more of a challenge, but these tools have already made my life so much easier. Thank you. I will be applying in 2014 for the year 12 funding, and hope to be successful.

testimonial-femaleB.png Thank you so much for the grant. This will go a long way in supporting my daughter to reach her long term goals. Thank you for all the assistance and patience you have given through the process.

Greatly appreciated.

Penny (parent)

testimonial-femaleAHi Lovely People from My Future: My Life. You have graciously approved, not once but twice, funding for my daughter to attend the USQ music course and complete the theatre workshop both of which will help her pursue her dreams after she finishes school. I would just like to thank you all for this lovely opportunity, thank you for making it possible, it is greatly appreciated.


Carmel (parent)

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