Resources Financial Assistance Cannot Fund

The My Future: My Life initiative has deliberately been designed to be flexible and responsive to individual student needs and plans for life after school.

While we acknowledge the resources requested by students reflect their unique circumstances and needs, there are some resources that our funding guidelines prohibit us from providing financial assistance for. These include:

  • Teacher Aide support
  • school fees, excursion costs or school uniforms
  • entry fees for community activities
  • medical or therapy services, aids, treatment costs and associated equipment
  • assistive communication devices and associated equipment
  • disability services, i.e. respite support, day service fees or associated costs
  • electronic equipment that is not directly related to specific future work or learning 
  • on-going costs e.g. monthly membership fees, internet connection fees.    

To download a PDF of the “Resources Financial Assistance Cannot Fund” Download PDF What resources can I purchase with MFML financial assistance