Information for Students


High school is a very exciting time,
it indicates that you’re well on your way
to adulthood and all the opportunities and
challenges that come with that.

At My Future: My Life we believe it’s your life and that you should have the opportunity to access the assistance needed to think about, prepare for and plan the life you want after school.

We know there is plenty happening in your high school years and that it can be difficult to work out exactly what you want to do when you walk out the school gate for the last time. That’s why we’ve designed a range of options to support you (and those around you) to start thinking about life after school and how the NDIS might support that.

My Future: My Life can support you to prepare and plan for life after school by:

Working directly with you and your family to help you think about what might be possible. We will encourage and support you to capture your dreams so these can guide your final years at school and facilitate a smooth transition into life after school. We will assist you to better understand and navigate informal and funded disability support options e.g. My Future My Life and the NDIS.


Facilitating workshops for your parents and teachers so they can assist you to identify your strengths and interests and use these to plan your journey from high school to the exciting young adult life you imagine.


Making funding available in your final years at school to purchase resources you need to start putting your plans for life after school into action.