Information for Parents


The high school years are a time of great change;
it’s this period where young people
really begin exploring who they are
and what they want from life.

It’s a time of excitement and opportunity; for many it can also be a time of uncertainty particularly about what life will be like after the certainty of school is behind them.

Not being clear about what you want to do when you leave school is not uncommon for teenagers. We know that as a parent you want your son or daughter to have a good life, a life like others their age, but this can sometimes be hard to imagine.

My Future: My Life can support you and your son or daughter to prepare and plan for life after school by:

Facilitating workshops for you and your son or daughter’s teachers which are designed to help you identify their strengths and interests. Gain a deeper understanding of disability supports and the NDIS. Then use this information to plan their journey from high school to the exciting young adult life they imagine.


Working directly with you and your son or daughter to help you think about what might be possible by focusing on what they can do and what they want to do.  We will encourage and support you to capture their dreams so these can guide their final years at school and facilitate a smooth transition into life after school. We will assist you to better understand and navigate informal and funded disability support options e.g. My Future My Life and the NDIS.


Making funding available to your son or daughter in their final years at school to purchase resources they need to start putting their plans for life after school into action.