Transition Preparation (TP)

Transition Preparation is face-to-face support for participants to identify the strengths, interests and dreams of students, and assistance to think about, capture and progress their plan for life after school.

Who should attend?

Transition preparation support is aimed at:

  • Families of secondary students with a disability (irrespective of age or year level), and
  • Secondary students with a disability (irrespective of age or year level).

What do the sessions cover?

Transition preparation sessions are designed to support participants to think about the student’s individual strengths, capacities and interests and to harness these to commence preparing and planning for their unique journey into young adult life. These sessions will assist participants to:

  • Identify the student’s strengths and interests
  • Dream big and have high expectations
  • Build the skills and knowledge needed to develop their unique plan
  • Identify the information, resources, tools and strategies needed to support their plan
  • Consider what formal and informal supports may be required to enact a student’s plan, including NDIS supports
  • Develop a strategy to begin turning their dreams into reality.

When and where will sessions be held?

Transition Preparation sessions are individual and face-to-face and occur at a location that suits the individual. 

How do I apply for transition preparation support?

To receive transition preparation support you must be a Queensland secondary student with a disability (irrespective of age or year level) or a parent, carer or educator of a secondary student with a disability.

A transition preparation support session may also assist a student to better understand the interface between My Future My Life and the NDIS.

To express your interest in applying for a transition preparation support session, click below.