How to Complete a Financial Assistance Application

This guide has been developed to assist you with completing your My Future: My Life application for Financial Assistance.

Before you proceed we recommend you check your eligibility (to view the Financial Assistance eligibility guide CLICK HERE) and ensure you have all the required supporting evidence ready to attach to your application.

Now is also a good time to double check that the resource/s you are about to apply for can be supported through My Future: My Life Financial Assistance 

Download PDF ‘What resources can I purchase with MF:ML Financial Assistance’

Section 1 – Student details

This section is about the student (the applicant). Remember to complete every section marked with an asterisk.

If you identify more than one disability type; you are only required to provide evidence of one of the identified disability types.

Section 2 – Contact details

This section is about the student’s school and those supporting the student with their application. Again, every section marked with an asterisk must be completed.

My Future: My Life will use details entered in sub-section 2C, ‘details of person completing this form’ as the primary contact point for the application.

Section 3 – Goals for life after school

Students often have multiple goals for life after school identified in their SET Plan (or equivalent); this section gives you the opportunity to identify the specific goal/s which relate to the resource/s you are requesting in this application and to identify how these resources relate to your goal/s.

Assessment is easier when information entered in this section is in dot point format.

You still need to attach a copy of your SET Plan (or equivalent) to your application.

Section 4 – Resource request

This section is where you identify the specific items you are seeking My Future: My Life Financial Assistance to purchase and provide the contact name and details of your identified provider.

Further in your application you will be required to attach the quote for these items. The quote needs to be from a registered business and must show the providers trading name, address, ABN. The quote will need to be addressed to the applicant, be dated and give a very clear description of the product to be provided.

If the resource is a service (e.g. tuition), the quote must show a detailed description of the service and identify the quantity and timeframe in which the service will be provided. The quote will need to show the hourly rate or rate per session for any type of service.

A quote can identify multiple individual items from the same supplier’ e.g. work boots, tools, other safety equipment etc. In this case you should provide a general description of the resources (e.g. work wear and tools) in the ‘Description of resource requested’ section.

We only require one valid quote per resource.

If you are requesting resources from more than one provider; please select ‘Add another Resource Request’ after entering details of your first provider. This process can be repeated if you are requesting resources from multiple providers.

My Future: My Life accepts no responsibility to fund any item until the applicant has received written confirmation that their application has been approved.

Section 5 – Supporting documents

This is where you need to attach all documents necessary to complete your application, e.g. evidence of eligibility, your SET Plan and the quote for the resources you are requesting.

Finding and identifying files is easier when file names reflect the content (e.g. Disability Evidence – John Smith or XYZ Tuition Quote – John Smith); saving documents as separate files also makes uploading quicker. 

If you use the ‘Add another Resource Request’ function you can upload your additional quotes through the ‘Attach – Additional Documents (if required)’ tabs. 

To upload a document click, ‘Choose file’, this will take you to your computer’s library, click on the file you wish to attach then hit ‘save’. The file name of your chosen file will now appear next to the ‘Choose file’ tab. If this file is the correct document hit ‘upload’ and move on and repeat this process for each piece of evidence. It you have chosen the incorrect file, hit ‘delete’ and recommence the process.

To download and print a copy of “How to Complete a Financial Assistance Application” Download PDF How to complete a Financial Assistance Application