Financial Assistance

The Financial Assistance option provides practical support to students with a disability in years 11 and 12 (or year 10 in some rural and remote locations) by making one off limited funding available for the purchase of resources needed to pursue their goals for life after school. 

A student’s application needs to show clear and specific goals for life after school and all resources requested must have a clear and direct link to activities being undertaken now, that relate to these goals. 

What can I use the Financial Assistance for?

What can be purchased depends entirely on the student’s goals for life after school. Whilst there are a small number of items which cannot be purchased with My Future: My Life Financial Assistance funds, the initiative has deliberately been designed to be flexible and responsive to individual student needs and plans.

Download PDF ‘What resources can I purchase with MF:ML Financial Assistance’

Who’s eligible for Financial Assistance?

To be eligible for support, students must be able to demonstrate they meet all eligibility criteria.

Download PDF ‘Financial Assistance Eligibility Guide’ 

How do I lodge an application?

You can lodge your application online or contact us on 1300 697 526 for alternate options. For an application to to assessed it must be a complete application.

2018 – Financial Assistance Addendum

Download PDF ‘How to complete a Financial Assistance Application’